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Salt Lake Hardwood Floors - HALE HARDWOOD FLOORS

Grandfather started Hale Floor Service  back in 1924, working hard to make
his company grow.

Times were tough and equipment wasn’t easy to come by so grandfather improvised and made a lot of his own machinery. 
Hard work paid off and after a while he was established as the best in his field. As years went by grandfather realized that his suppliers where partly responsible for his quality. Seeing that some did not meet his standards he started milling his own wood flooring and manufacturing his own seals, finishes, waxes and cleaners. This gave him control of his quality.

My father was raised in this business. He grew up working along side his father. It was the depression years and even though things where tough Hale Floor Service flourished because things got done the right way.

Dad took the business over in 1949 and made it the largest wood floor company west of the Mississippi River. My father wrote the book on standards and practices that are still used today. He found some of the best suppliers in the Country and trained his men to be craftsmen. Hale Floor Service laid and or sanded and finished millions of square feet of hardwood floor.

These are the years that I grew up in this business. I spent most of my youth working with my father’s men learning the trade. I love this business and understand how to do it right. My grandfather taught me that concept along with my father who taught me to do it in volume.
Today with the help of my father and my brother we are teaching the next generation to install hardwood flooring, as it should be. The fourth generation will provide our customers the same quality and performance as the first generation.
Quality has been a tradition since 1924, and it is our promise that Hale Floor Service will continue this tradition.

K. Grant Hale  Phone: (801) 671-0863
Jeffrey H. Hale Phone: (801) 604-4869
Jonathan H. Hale Phone: (801) 706-8850

Call us at 801-604-4869 or fill out our online contact form.

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